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curatorial projects


"MaerzMusik Festival", Co-Curator: "New Music from the
Arabic Mediterranean Region": 2013

"ha'atelier/Plattform für Philosopie und Kunst", Sound Arts Curator

"SinusTon Festival", Founder and Artistic Director, Magdeburg
2008 - 2014

"SuperCollider Conference", Guest Curator: Akademie der Künste, Berlin
Sept. 2010
Selection of participants, pieces, and lecturers; artistic direction for two concerts.

"Global Interplay", Project Curator: Musik der Jahrhunderte, Cairo
Feb. 2006
Coordination and Moderation of a workshop and conference about "Identity and Creation" with young egyptian composers
Report and Photos

"The Musical Moment. Reflections on Eastern and Western Concepts of Beauty in Music", Project Curator: House of World Cultures, Berlin
May 2005
Lecture-Concert with Helmut Lachenmann, Toshio Hosokawa, Rolf Elberfeld, Quatuor Diotima, Ko Ishikawa

"TRACING MIGRATIONS", Project Curator: New Music from Jordanian, Palestinian, Iraqi and Lebanese Composers.
Concerts - Podium Dicussions - Lecture - Film Screening, Pergamon Museum Berlin Oct. 2004
in collaboration with the Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin, Jordan Tourism Board, IMC of UNESCO, Ensemble United Berlin
   Transcript of Panel

"HELMUT LACHENMANN IN NEW YORK": Concerts, Seminars, Master Classes
with Helmut Lachenmann and Matthias Herrmann, April 2001
in cooperation with the Goethe Institut New York, Columbia University, Miller Theatre, Ensemble Sospeso, Speculum musicae
O. Schneller, Project curator & coordinator

"SAVING A TRADITION": Concerts of traditional Nepali and Newari Music in Kathmandu, Jan. -Feb. 1991
in cooperation with the Goethe Institut Kathmandu and Prof. Gert Matthias Wegner
O. Schneller, Project curator & coordinator




artistic projects


Theatrum sonorum nach Otto von Guerickes Experimenta nova
für Horn, Tuba, Orgel, Schlagzeug, acht Lautsprecher, live-Elektronik und Video text
4. Magdeburgische Concerte 2005, Magdeburg, 14.10.2005
Heather O'Donnell: Orgel; Noam Yogev: Horn; Robin Hayward: Tuba; Dirk Rothbrust: Schlagzeug
O. Schneller: Komposition, Klangregie
Organisation & Koordination: Carsten Gerth


(unrealisiert) Klanginstallationsprojekt,
in Zusammenarbeit mit den Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin, Nov. 2005
O. Schneller, Projektkurator & Konzeption